Hoof & Woof Pet Spa

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Full Groom & Style
At Hoof & Woof Pet Spa, we are pleased to offer All Inclusive Spa Services tailored to benefit the health and well being of your family member without the unexpected add on charges!

All Spa Services will include at no additional fee:
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.

    Luxury Spa Bath 

*    Professional Consultation

*    All Natural Shampoo specific to your        pet's skin  type (Flea if needed)

*    Lavender Vanilla Facial

*    Gentle Ear Cleaning

*    Teeth Brushing

*    Brush Out

*    Nails Trimmed and Filed

Our Groom & Style includes the items above, but also includes a full haircut and style.  

You know your loved one more than anyone, so when you bring in your pet, we ask a lot of 
questions and listen carefully!

Spa Services
Special Needs Assistance Pets

As Hoof & Woof enters our 18th year in business, we have been blessed with many pets who have now entered their Golden Years. Grooming can be a stressful procedure for senior and frail pets. These pets are welcome and extra care is given to them in a team effort with Hoof & Woof support staff so they are not strained during the process. Our salon is set up to cater to the aging pet with *to the floor* extra large hydraulic grooming table and custom built extra wide walk in tub so no lifting or jumping allowed!

There is no additional charge for this service, but we do like to allow extra time to ensure your pet's comfort at his own pace.

Fearful, Shy, or Anxious Pets

If you have a pet that is fearful, shy, anxious or nervous, no problem. However, please inform us when making their appointment so that we may allow for more time to properly acclimate your pet and let them adjust.  

Often times, it is just a matter of "trust", and in our experience, time, patience, positive reinforcement and rewards your pet can conquer their fears and learn to like grooming by their next appointment. A little TRUST can bring amazing results! 

We do not charge for this additional service but ask for your consideration and understanding that the grooming appointment may take longer as we work to create this trusting bond.
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