Hoof & Woof Pet Spa

11360 Ford Avenue
Our Shop combines all grooming services into


We are pleased to 
introduce ALL INCLUSIVE Spa Services tailored to benefit the health and well being of your family 
member WITHOUT the unexpected add on charges!

All spa services will include at no additional fee:

*  Professional Consultation
*  Massaging Bath
       (Flea on request)
*  Lavender Vanilla Facial
*  Gentle Ear Cleaning
*  Teeth Brushing
*  Brush Out
*  Nail Trim/File

The importance of building a positive 
relationship with the owner and the pet 
cannot be stressed enough in terms of overall health and welfare of your pet.

My mission, as groomer, strongly encourages families to find a groomer and stick with her, 
rather than grabbing any open appointment 
with anyone, or finding your pet victim to the 
often surprising "in house rotating" or 
"revolving front door of groomers" business.

Fostering a healthy, trusting relationship 
between your pet and groomer is an 
extension of the love they receive from you, 
and better caters to your specific grooming preferences.

As with any good relationship, communication is KEY to keeping your pet at their prettiest!
Continuing our tradition of providing a quiet, stress-free grooming experience for our loyal customers since 2001.

Hoof & Woof Inc. is Richmond Hill's longest established full service upscale pet spa and grooming facility developed by Owner/Groomer Joanne Kent, along with longtime well trained support staff since 2001.

Their great love of animals and daily interactions with the shop's patrons encourages bonding and trust with your dog making grooming a fun and positive experience for each pet.

We want our furry friends to be happy to see us!!

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  There is more to salon loyalty, however.  Personal one-on-one, same groomer and staff each visit encourages this bonding and trust.
Dogs Learn by Repetition.
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Tuesday - Saturday
8:30 am - 3:00 pm